The paws4vets Arm Wrestling Challenge Series has created a standard set of rules and conduct that will be enforced during each Battle.

General Competition Rules
  1. One Referee per match
    • Two Referees for final elimination rounds
  2. Competitors must wear provided wristbands for identification
  3. Each match will consist of three individual matches
    • Challenge coin toss to determine starting hand for opponents with opposite dominate hands, i.e., left/right hand dominate
  4. Best of three pulls wins match
  5. Time per pull not to exceed three minutes
  6. Minimum 30 second rest between each match mandatory
  7. Competitors must report to the on deck position by the start of the match prior to theirs
    • Thirty seconds allowed for competitors to report to table once referee calls for your match and attempt grip
    • Competitors will receive two calls, within 30 seconds, to the table
    • Failure to arrive within 30 seconds and attempt grip will result in forfeiture, and loss of match at referees discretion
  8. Bleeding
    • Competitor must stop bleeding to Referee’s satisfaction in order to continue
    • Use of First-Aid provisions to cover wound are acceptable
  9. No consumption of prescribed drugs or alcohol, 8 hours prior to match
    • Any competitor exhibiting signs of impairment may be disqualified from competition at the Referee’s discretion
Positioning & Matches
  1. Competitors must follow all commands of the Referee during a match
    • Referee will center hands on the table
      • Webbing between thumb and index of the hand of each competitor must be level, close, and tightly set
    • Referee will call:
      • "Close your Thumb
      • "Close your Hand"
      • "Go" to start match
  2. Positioning for Match
    • Competitors must have one foot in contact with floor at all times
    • Competitors must keep non-pulling hand in contact with table peg at all times during the match
    • Competitors must set their competing elbow on table’s elbow pad at all times during the match
      • Shoulders must be square to the table to start the match
      • Presenting hand open
      • Angle of competing arm must result in fingers pointing at opponent
      • Competitor’s hands must be palm-to-palm, flat together, and with no separation, to Referee’s satisfaction
      • Wrists must be straight when closing hands/thumbs
  3. Match
    • Competitors may not intentionally delay the competition
      • Not staying at the table
      • Not reporting to the table
      • Not attempting to grip
    • Competitors may not use any part of their body, other than hand which they are wrestling with, to pin opponent
    • Competitors may not intentionally slip hand grip
      • Straps will be used if slip grip occurs within neutral zone of table
        • Neutral zone is determined by Referee using clock guideline
        • Zone is approximately between 10:00 and 2:00 at Referee’s discretion
      • Outside neutral zone may be determined as a win/loss
      • Referee discretion (arm/hand positioning)
    • Competitors may not intentionally cause foul for themselves
    • Competitors may not intentionally cause foul for opponent
    • Two fouls will result in loss of match
    • One foul will result in loss of current match
  1. Failure to maintain contact of peg at all times
  2. Failure to keep competing elbow on the elbow pad during pull
  3. Failure to square shoulders after 30 second time lapse
  4. Failure to straighten wrist after 30 second time lapse
  5. Failure to line up in center of table after 30 second time lapse
  6. Movement of any kind during or immediately following administration of “referee grip”
  7. Intentionally causing delay of competition
  8. Competing in a dangerous position
  9. Use of any other body part to pin opponent
  10. Intentionally slipping grip
  11. Slipping grip with arm/hand in losing position
    • Determined when arm is below two-thirds of the way to pin pad and hand is not in offensive grip
    • Determined by Referee
  12. Intentionally attempting/causing any foul after “go”
  13. False start will result in foul after 2nd and 3rd call
    • First offense = Warning

You can download a printable copy of the rules below.